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The Note She Left by Susan Hahn
The Note She Left

"I can think of no recent book that testifies more eloquently to the salvific powers of lyric distillation. Nor one that wrests from violence and turmoil so resonant a stillness."



"In The Note She Left, Susan Hahn has found a devotional voice at once elegant and spare, as harrowing as the emotional states she explores and as intricately tangled as the ways of knowing and believing she reveals."


Mother in Summer by Susan Hahn
Mother In Summer

"Susan Hahn's Mother in Summer is a flowering bulb from the raw, dank earth of sorrow and loss. It is vivid, luminous, and heartbrakingly moving, reaching the mind and soul through contrapuntal images of memory and yearnings for life's impossible continuity."


Confession by Susan Hahn

"Susan Hahn has created a disquieting work of memory and carnality. 

Confession encounters and exposes emotions considered too unseemly for poetry. How does one praise, in a sentence or two, a book so unremitting, even painful, in its engagements and revelations? To read it is to participate in the excruciation and transgression as bandages are ripped off and secrets opened. It is impossible to read the book unfeelingly."


Harriet Rubin's Mother's Wodden Hand
Harriet Rubin's Mother's Wooden Hand


"Harriet Rubin's Mother's Wooden Hand is a superb book, passionate and moving, yet put together with considerable elegance and control. I found it gripping and consistently involving. A very remarkable first book."


Melancholia Etcetera by Susan Hahn
Melancholia, Etcetera

Fourteen poems by Susan Hahn, with two intaglio prints by Charles Wells.


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